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Handmade Scarf w/ Pocket

The Secret is the hidden zipper pocket! You can carry your wallet, coin purse, lip gloss, ID, credit cards, boarding pass, passport, or other items you want close at hand and have ability to access in a zip. Perfect for travel, shopping, concerts, special events and anytime you don't want to carry a purse. The first and most practical scarf that keeps your essentials secure.

  • Hide your essentials from dangerous situations
  • Fast access to your phone
  • Keeps your stuff organized
  • Perfect for traveling
  • Machine washable

Our handmade pocket scarf is perfect for you. It is made to wrap around twice, resting nicely on your neck and chest. It has a SECRET POCKET with a hidden zipper to hold your passport and tickets while you're bustling through the busy airports. Amazing, right? Pick your favorite and you're ready to go!